1. Fall is in the Air / Flagsmith Special

    In celebration of our favorite season we’re having a limited-time fall special on Flagsmith- now you can get your mitts on the typeface for just $15.

    Head over to the Flagsmith shop to grab your copy and get to making some flags!


    Flag code

    Pumpkin: base+pinwheel+circle+*-f
    It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (not shown): 

    Made with Flagsmith

  2. Orbital Projects / Tonalá Critters

    Alongside client work we usually have a few personal or side projects floating around our orbit, most of which don’t see the light of day or get finished for one reason or another. These ideas are not fully thought out or polished, but have something fun or interesting that we wanted to play around with or explore further.

    These critters are from the margins of a branding project, a fun solution that was not the right solution, but we really enjoyed making them. Based on a beautiful pottery tradition from Tonalá Mexico, the animals made in this style have similar features and elements, but each evoke their own personality.

    We took the sketches and used them to experiment with some texture and seamless pattern making which was super fun, yay patterns!

    More info on Tonalá Mexico
    See our digital collection of critters


  3. New in the Shop / AWH Phoenix Tote

    Feeding off the flames of summer, the Phoenix ascends with a spirited purpose: to not waste these days brimming with solar rays.

    We’re more excited than usual about the sunshine this year, so we had to make a tote to celebrate the summer and carry all warm weather adventure essentials, now available in the shop!

    AWH Phoenix Tote


  4. Fanfare / Colombia vs. Brazil

    The quarterfinals are here, and today Colombia takes on the host nation in what should be one of the more exciting games of the cup. This is the farthest Colombia have ever gotten in a World Cup, and this time they have the talent and drive to make it farther, so we’ll be rooting for them all the way, Vamos Colombia!


    Flag codes

    Colombia: base+stripe-c+half-a
    Brazil: base+diamond+*-h
    Soccer ball: base+*-h+*-b (no fill on base + diamond shape added on top)

    Made with Flagsmith

  5. Fanfare / USA vs. Belgium

    The USA take on Belgium in the World Cup round of 16 tomorrow, time to get patriotic with stars and stripes on everything, GO USA!


    Flag codes

    USA: base+stripes-c+canton+*-c
    Belgium: base+pale
    Soccer ball: base+*-h+*-b (no fill on base + diamond shape added on top)

    Made with Flagsmith

  6. AWH World Cup Awesomeness Round-up

    We’re getting pretty amped about the upcoming world cup at AWH HQ. Screens are calibrated, lucky uniforms/totems are at the ready and strong coffee is brewing, let’s do this!

    Every four years the excitement of the World Cup spills into the design world and we get to enjoy some really fun and inspiring projects, our favorites of which we wanted to share here. We hope they might inspire even some non-sports lovers to get swept up in the fun and excitement of the cup!

    Left to right from top-left:

    Colombia’s (Elsa’s team) star player Radamel Falcao didn’t make the cup because of injury, but he’s been captured in these great World Cup player portraits by Daniel Nyari for ESPN FC.

    The boots in this Adidas Battle Pack Collection are some of the raddest we’ve seen, digging those patterns and restrained use of color.

    Even the balls in the World Cup have a deep history, and the World Cup match ball history page explains it all. Our favorite is still the ’94 Questra edition.

    Howler is a beautifully designed magazine about the beautiful game, seems so fitting. Check out the World Cup special edition, Creative Directed by Joel Speasmaker.

    These International team posters from ESPN by Ben ClarkMathieu Zarbatany have so much energy you can’t help but get amped up.

    We’ve been enjoying the silly but informative cup previews by the Men in Blazers on Grantland.

    This cup’s mascot is a Brazilian three-banded armadillo named Fuelco that rolls into a ball! We support that, and will be wearing our Fuelco slippers for comfort and good luck.


  7. ICONAUT Workshops / Portland

    This weekend we launched our ICONAUT workshop series right here in Portland OR. We had an amazing turnout of folks with great energy and enthusiasm for making icons, including hometown heroes Aaron Draplin and Duane King.

    View more photos from the Iconauts themselves here and by searching #ICONAUT on twitter.

    Thanks again to everyone who came out, and to Tillamook Station for hosting us!

    (Above photo of Draplin’s THICK ASS LINES! sketches for ‘Climatology’.)


  8. New Project / House of Hoops TDOT

    We were lucky enough to be asked to work on another House of Hoops for NIKE. This time for Canada’s first ever location in Toronto, a city known for it’s fiery fans and flashy approach to the game.

    Had a blast working with Kevin Wolahan and Joel Brandon on this - big ups for pushing and overseeing that animated lightbox mural through!

    All photography by Eugen Sakhnenko.

    View full project study here.


  9. Iconaut Badges are in!

    Did we mention each participating Iconaut will be awarded one of these fine badges? Spots are still available for both sessions:

    Saturday, May 24th
    Sunday May 25th


  10. ICONAUT Workshops

    We’re super excited to announce our upcoming workshop series, kicking off right here in Portland, OR.

    The ICONAUT Training Workshops will focus on the most crucial (and fun!) phase of the icon building process – concepting & sketching.

    Learn more about the workshops on our site, and be sure to book your spot before takeoff!

    Portland, Oregon Sessions:

    Saturday, May 24th
    Sunday May 25th