1. Project Update / Boke Bowl

    Last year we worked on a mark for (then) roaming ramen shop Boke Bowl and now are excited to update with the work we did for the opening of their first brick-and-mortar restaurant.

    It was fun for us to get to design for a space and have to consider how all the elements would fit together. We worked on everything from the menu board to the stickers on the bottles, and did our best to mix in some hand-generated elements where we could.

    Menu board with removable bamboo plywood slats.

    Hand painted eggs

    Screen printed table tokens

    Two-sided door signs

    We’re very happy with the results, and are thankful to Patrick (right) and Brannon for giving us the opportunity to work this great project with them.

    We also want to thank all the people who helped us pull it all together:

    Mark Annen is the amazing architect responsible for the space.
    Tim Parsons made the great Boke light sign and shared his photography.
    The folks at Sign Wizards made all the vinyl elements.
    Perry at The Tiny Spoon made the door signs and table tokens.
    Mammoth Print Shop screened the shirts.
    The sauce bottle stickers were printed by Jakprints.
    Blazing Stitches embroidered the chef’s coats.

    Did we mention the food is amazing? It really is, and we hope you’ll stop by and have a bowl sometime.


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